So long and thank you!

Hey everyone,

This notice is long overdue (a year or so), but if it’s not obvious, I am no longer posting on East Coast Noise. I haven’t in some time. Initially, I decided to take a break from the site, simply because I was feeling a little overworked at the time and couldn’t concentrate as much as I’d like on the site

Eventually, I realized the site was becoming a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing. I love writing about music, but when you spend 8 to 10 hours in front of a computer for your full-time gig, it’s difficult to get excited about doing it at home too. With my wife and I now expecting a child, the chances of me finding more time to dedicate to the site are slim.

So with all that said, thank you all for your support over the couple of years I did this thing. I enjoyed learning about many talented east coast bands, and I continue to be in awe of so many talented folk I’ve met and chatted with. I continue to write full-time in Moncton as a news reporter, and I’ve been contributing on occasion to Ken Kelley’s fabulous website The Musicnerd Chronicles. I still don’t get out to shows as often as I’d like, but I try to stay up to date on the many talented artists in this region.

Thanks for your time and for your support of east coast Canadian music.



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